Bizarre Brains

We talk to people every week who want to get the most out of their brains. Read faster, retain more information, find balance: these are all things we help people figure out for themselves. We’re pretty lucky though, because we could be dealing with some of the brains on this list. When it comes to mapping these animal minds, we’d be at a loss. Here are some of the most bizarre brains out there and the animals who use them!

Biggest Brain

This crazy quirk goes to the sperm whale. This makes sense, as these creatures have been known to grow up to 67 feet in length! How big is their brain then? Well, they typically weigh around 16 lbs. That’s five times heavier than the human brain! Fortunately, brain size does not necessarily equate to intelligence, or whales would rule the world.

Most Brains

You read that right, we’re talking about who has the most brains. In their bodies. At a single time. The award here goes to leeches. These creepy critters once used in medicine actually have a brain which is composed of 32 different ganglia — the structures which house nerve cell bodies and connect them to the brain. This set up sure would come in handy when you’ve got some multi-tasking in your future.

bird brain

Bird Brain

Magpies, crows, ravens, whatever you call them they fall under the umbrella term of “corvids” and they are actually amongst the smartest in the animal kingdom. Some scientists postulate that they are the smartest as they have shown similar reasoning power to chimpanzees and other non-human members of the primate family. So next time someone calls you a “bird brain,” take it as a compliment!

Weird Brain Placement

Everyone always assumes the brain is housed in the head, but this actually isn’t the case for many species of spiders. Quite a few of them actually house their brains in their body cavities or even their legs! This is normally true for smaller species as their heads are too small to house their most precious organ, and they need food to directly nourish the brain instead of following a complex series of networks to get to it (as it does in humans). Simple, stable, and ready for action. Maybe that’s why there are so many spiders in the world!

bird brain


There are actually many species of animal which do not need a brain to survive, so they don’t have one! Sea stars, jellyfish, and sea cucumbers all survive without a brain, just to name a few. While that sounds like a pain, these animals make up for their lack of intelligence with heightened senses or impressive defense mechanisms. At least having no brain would mean you’d never overthink anything again!

Luckily for Freedom Personal Development, we’re in the business of hacking the human brain. It’s far easier to navigate than the rest of these bizarre brains!