Records were meant to be broken. Are you ready to break a few of your own? In Creating Record Breaking Results, you will learn to harness your mental power to achieve your “personal best” – in any area of life. The process is simple. You’ll identify a personal record you’d like to break, then create the action steps to move you in the right direction.

Highlights of this Program:

  • Identify and learn three mental factors that will automatically move you towards your goals
  • Learn the four necessary components of any record breaking performance
  • How success leaves clues – and where to find them
  • What the “Law of Attraction” is – and the impact it has on your life
  • How to “flip the switch” that triggers achievement

With this knowledge, you’ll leave your existing comfort zone and experience your own record-breaking performance.

Take the First Step

The Creating Record Breaking Results program will turn your regular meeting into an off-the-charts hit. And that’s only the beginning. This program opens the door to an entire world of personal development that will take everyone who experiences it to extraordinary places.

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