The Reading Smart Workshop is our proven speed reading training for busy professionals who want to learn time-saving strategies to read faster, comprehend more, concentrate better and retain information. The workshop is a hands-on and experiential accelerated learning program that will boost reading speed without sacrificing comprehension.

The Reading Smart Workshop promises to:

  • Double your reading speed.
  • Increase the amount of information you comprehend.
  • Provide 15 proven strategies for reading faster on paper and screen.
  • Decrease your existing reading workload by 70 percent.

This speed reading workshop is the quick tune-up your eyes and brain deserve. You will learn what your current reading speed is, what it means and more importantly, some simple strategies to make it better and faster. You will exercise all the comprehension methods to see which one(s) might work best for you. Best of all, you will eliminate any guilt associated with not getting to your “later” pile and replace it with productivity, confidence, and complete reading satisfaction.

Purchase is valid for one space at any of the public Reading Smart Workshops we offer.