How To Improve Your Creativity: Developing Your Right Brain

No More “I’m Just Not Creative”

Creativity is something many of us view as a natural talent; some have it and some don’t. When someone is able to produce art, write music, or solve problems in a unique way, we just accept it and acknowledge it as, “They’re creative, I’m not.”

In reality, creativity, or lack thereof, can be traced back to your brain. The right side of the brain is the creative side, and when you find it to be difficult to be creative, this may be because your right brain is underdeveloped. The left brain, which deals with linear and logical problems is what is mostly developed for the thirteen years (at least) we all spend in school. Most jobs involve procedural work, to do lists, and fact-checking. The right brain is much more intimidating to develop and measure, so it is often overlooked. It is no surprise that many of us consider ourselves to be pretty logical but struggle when it comes to the creative front.

Why is the Right Brain Important?

The right brain uses intuition to come up with many different solutions, approaches, and answers to a problem. Many problems that can’t be solved by the left brain require this intuition.

The right brain is also the side of the brain that is able to envision brand new things. It is unafraid of the unknown. The right brain is just more equipped to produce new ideas and creative problems, where the left brain relies on past information and routine.

The right brain also allows people to balance logic (left brain) and emotion (right brain). Ideas produced solely by the left brain are typically not the most innovative. The balance of emotion and logic between the sides of the brain are what make ideas appealing and worthy of investment. This is one of the many reasons that it’s important to balance the ideas of the right brain and the left brain. You need both sides to produce the best work and ideas.

How to Exercise Your Right Brain

It has been established that many people have underdeveloped right brains, and this issue needs to be addressed. Consider some of these idea below to help develop the right side of your brain.

Consider Ideas from Different Perspectives

Take the time to think through any situation from a perspective different than yours. Think how you would view things, react, or handle situations as someone else. By forcing yourself to see through a new lens, you will begin to think differently about ideas and situations.

Do a Creative Exercise Daily

Just like anything else, creativity takes practice. There are tons of books and online resources that will provide you with some type of brief activity to flex your creative muscles. Try story writing or other activities to work creatively.

Try a Creative Hobby

It is never too late to start a hobby like drawing, writing, painting, dancing, origami, song writing, or anything else that interests you. If there’s something you’ve been putting off or have denied yourself because you’re ‘not creative’ now is the time to start! You will gain personal satisfaction and develop your creativity in a different way than the previous thinking-based activities will.

Let Your Mind Wander

Take any excuse you can to daydream. Consider the question, “What makes me feel alive?” Allow your mind to wander through that question and beyond. Practice being aware of your thoughts as they move to new subjects and what leads you to new ideas. Let your inspiration, creativity, and spontaneity guide you. This simple exercise activates your creative side.

Engage in Challenging Tasks

You’ll never grow if you’re constantly sticking to procedural tasks that you know how to solve. Don’t be afraid to try new and challenging things. New, tougher problems will require you to think more creatively, which aids in the development of the right brain. Don’t let yourself settle with “I don’t know.” Instead, brainstorm as many solutions as possible and use your creativity to find the right solution.