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Welcome to our blog!  Here, you will find articles, ideas, snippets of our books and training programs and sometimes even some musings from our top coaches and trainers.  Got a news aggregator?  Be sure to add us to your list!  Enjoy, and if you see something you like, remember to share!

Creating Your Own Reset Retreat

There's a thing that we here at Freedom do for ourselves and with our clients to help the end of the year be awesome in every area AND transition into a strong start to the new year.   It goes by many names- Planning Session, Reset Retreat, Strategy Day, Goals...

Giving the Greatest Present

Simply being able to "be where you're at" is enormously helpful for both your family and your business life, but it's notably more difficult than ever before.   So in this week's free video lesson, we'll talk about the real value of presence, plus a simple...

Gratitude…No faster way to access your best

If you've ever found yourself in the place where you need to pull yourself out of a funk, like right now, you'll find this week's lesson exceptionally helpful.   You'll get the goods on the proven fastest and most certain way to get your head on straight for...

What Are You Reading?

This week's message still not political :), but timely nonetheless.   There's a question that we love to ask the successful people we meet.   Good leaders, top producers, and winners/impactors of all kinds have a common thread in their answers that's...

What Are You Reading

C.I.A. – Control, Influence, Acknowledge

This week's message is not political at all, but it's uniquely tied to Election Day aka The Noisiest Day In A Long Time.   Take a few minutes to hang out with me and get some perspective on how to - Control what's controllable- Influence what's influence-able-...

Ready, Aim, Fire!

We all know there's a proven, 3 step sequence for hitting a target...been used with success for literally hundreds of years. You probably know it: #1 Ready #2 Aim #2 Fire   So simple, and totally effective whether your trying to hit a physical target with a...

The Key(s) to Freedom

So many misconceptions about discipline.   We see that lots of folks either misunderstand or just resist this key principle....and they shoot themselves in the foot because of it.   So in this week's vlog (under 10 minutes), I'll help you get a new...

Keys to Freedom

Rest and Reset

In today's go-go-go world, it's easy to overlook the value of a good night of sleep.   While it sounds overly simplistic, focusing on getting a good night of sleep is one of the easiest and best ways to make sure your brain is ready and capable of functioning....

Rest and Reset

Stay Loose and WIN the 4th Quarter

This week's vlog will help you get loose and start winning Q4 now.   You'll learn a simple game that our clients often play when it's time to block out distraction, remove tension and then get after it.   The game is literally kindergarten simple, and...

Stay Loose

GUARANTEE a Strong Q4 Finish

Strong finishes have always been a thing for me, and this year finishing well is especially important....would you agree?   Regardless of outcomes or short term results, there's one thing you can do to guarantee a great finish to the year....check out this...

Finish Strong
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